3 Top Reasons Why You Should Start to Buy Secondhand Clothes

Have you ever wonder about buying used clothes instead of new ones? Or maybe you want to save more money without giving up the pleasure of having new outfits in your closet?
I’m giving you 3 great reasons why you should start thrifting! 

 Three Reasons why you should start to buy secondhand clothes: 

 1. Prices! 

 The best thing about thrift stores is that you can get great brands for a small amount of $$$. Many people think that used clothes are cheap because it’s just junk, but in reality, many clothes are mostly gently used, or not even worn. Some of them missing a button or have small stains that can be easily washed. 

 In secondhand stores, you can find true treasures for just a few dollars. Another advantage of low prices is that you can afford a new outfit every week and look fabulous without worrying about your budget :) 

 2. Unique Style 

If you like to be unique or you just love compliments, thrifting is perfect for you! In used clothing stores you can find thousands of different brands from different places in the world. Some of the brands or styles are not available in the US stores, therefore when you will end up buying some gorgeous, great quality dress from Italy, everybody will wonder “Where did she get that dress from?”
If you’ve never been to a thrift store before, you’ll be surprised how many unique clothes are out there. 

3. Good for the Earth -  #SustainableFashion

Buying used clothing helps the environment. It’s not only preventing a textile waste but also protects the Earth from chemicals that are used for producing new clothing, and saves millions of gallons of water. Buy secondhand clothes and be sustainable!